Message from Coach Bair

Wrestling Families,

Hope your day off of practice is restful.  There have been many questions, so here it goes.

Practice the next 2 weeks, varsity only means varsity are mandated to be there.  Anyone wanting to practice, yes please come.  If I was a young buck, I certainly would make an impression to coaches, that hey I want to be here and get better!!

Jv/frosh meet:  My goal was to get jv/frosh matches over the break.  Yes, this was a late addition, but has been on the schedule for a while.  There will be a weigh in, but only to match kids up and get them as many matches as possible.  I DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH YOU WEIGH FOR THIS EVENT.  Bus leaves at 3:30 and starts at 6-lakota east hs.

Finally 50th anniversary clothes orders.  I used 2 vendors for clothing this year.  One vendor have used for years and am extremely tired of dealing with.  With that said everything looks great!!

The 50th clothes is from a small company that I have dealt with before and have been happy with.   There have been some problems with delivery.  Some of the clothes will arrive this week.  He has had a problem with the supplier.  When I know something, I will let you know.

Coach bair